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Client Sheryll Law

Data Credibility

Information Confidence or Data Credibility? Data Credibility or Information Confidence, take your pick. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Thomas C. Redman, Ph.D. ...
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No Practical Data Quality Metrics? Help!

Who is watching the Practical Data Quality Metrics Dashboard? Practical data quality metrics are just the ones you would think of with minimal effort. However, ...
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Measuring Information Confidence

What does Measuring Information Confidence Mean to You? When you read the phrase “Measuring Information Confidence”, what does your gut tell you? Are you thinking ...
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Smart Decisions – Even You can Make Them

Yes, Even You Can Make Smart Decisions Last post, I told you about the Harvard Business Review (HBR) article written by Hugh Courtney, Dan Lovallo, ...
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How Do You Make Smarter Decisions?

It’s a Good Question! How do you make smarter decisions? According to Hugh Courtney, Dan Lovallo, and Carmina Clarke, authors of the Harvard Business Review ...
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Google Parking Lot

Disruptive Response – Skills Cloud

A Disruptive Response is here today! I’ve written in a past blog about disruption, and asked readers whether they would be the disrupter, or the ...
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