get fast. stay fast. be vibrant.

website design-build-manage.

get fast. stay fast. be vibrant.

website design-build-manage.

our take.

your website must start fast and stay fast.

The world has gone mobile. Mobile users expect rapid response, with pages loading in less than 3 seconds. Google, Bing, and other search engines have been focused on mobile users for some time now. Google adopted mobile search indexing for most websites, and their search evaluation guidelines target a mobile experience

fast mobile response is critical.

Google and other search engines want a great experience for visitors clicking on search engine response page (SERP) results. So, websites with poor mobile response times will not rank well in SERP. Given the fact of mobile-first indexing and the 90% user drop-off when response time increases from 1 second to 5 seconds, your mobile response time had better be fast.

you also need fresh original content.

 Independently developed and hosted Automobile Dealership websites as well as those provided by large website platform vendors frequently suffer from stale or plagiarized content.  Will search engines penalize your site for content copied from other sites? It remains an open question, but it is just  plain wrong. Moreover, copied content is not likely to help your SERP rank. Thin duplicate content is worse still. What is thin content? It is weak, lacks authority, and is too short to be useful to a reader.

If the management contract for your website states “we will publish three new pages per month” or something similar, it is critical to ensure the content published is relevant, well written, and original. Unfortunately, you may be too busy to review the content your platform vendor is adding each month.  There is good news here.. we are not. 

this is what we can do for you.

WordPress website design / build.

We make your WordPress website fast from day one. How? By using lightning-quick themes like Astra or Hello, and the Elementor page-builder.  Read an interesting comparison of Elementor Pro, our favorite page builder, and Genesis Pro, which takes a different but credible approach to building websites.

Our focus is always on building and maintaining websites to deliver great SEO results. How do we do this?

  • we ensure top performance by selecting the optimal hosting for your budget.
  • we construct an excellent technical SEO-friendly framework for your site.
  • we get your information architecture right.
  • we author or edit your content to make it people and Googlebot friendly.
  •  we check your back link portfolio for toxic links and disavow them
  • we find new back link opportunities  and work with you to develop them.
  • for local businesses, we rationalize your directory listings for local search.
  • we offer complete integrated schema markup for your website.

WordPress website management.

Are you responsible for managing one or more WordPress websites?

Remember, nothing is forever. Especially the “up to date”status of a WordPress website. If your website contains out of date technical components, it is at far greater risk for hacker attacks. 

With a WordPress website, its entire ecosystem is constantly evolving. New versions of WordPress, themes, plugins, APIs, and embedded services arrive in waves. Do you know what to do when these changes appear? We do. Effective system management means regular backups, staging updates, and testing before go-live events. Trust us to keep your site up to date. 

automobile dealership website management.

Are you managing digital marketing for an automobile dealership?

Remember, if your dealership website contains tired, plagiarized content that lacks expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, your site is at risk for lower SERP ranking.

If your website lives on a platform like, CDK, or, to name a few, your platform technical representative probably handles 30 – 40 other accounts like yours. Very busy indeed.

When we act as your representative to the platform vendor, we ensure your site gets the attention, support, content, and refinement you are paying for.

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