get structured.

talk to google in its own language.

get structured.

talk to google in its own language.

our take.

what structured data means.

Structured data gives a pattern or organization to website information. It is just what search engine providers (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex) were seeking when they created is a vocabulary, a structure, and a way to classify information on the web. Currently, has defined over 800 “classes” with their many properties.

A “class” is an overarching label that describes the content on a specific page. There are specific classes (e.g. “dental practice”) as well as general classes (e.g. “Local Business”, “Organization”, “Person”, “Place”, “Product”) to select. Each “class” comes bundled with its own set of “properties” that allow you to further label the information on your website related to the “class”.  The objective is to be as specific as possible about the content on your website page.

Google makes clear which properties in a class they want you provide. As the rules indicate you can only assign values to properties that correspond to content on your website, classes and properties offer some guidance about the information your site should include, as a minimum. In case you wondered, search engines see the structured data you provide, but human visitors do not.

why you need it.

It’s a jungle out there and your website needs to dominate the SERP page with rich snippet wins. You need to be discovered in voice search, which is growing by leaps and bounds, and you want your website to be a go-to resource for digital assistants tasked with running searches. For example, a voice response to a voice query will not return a response list, it will return a single response for a top-ranking site. You want your website to be that site. 

Here is a short list of the benefits your website and your business may derive from properly designed and implemented structured data…

  1. enhance business outcomes.
  2. Improve your “discoverability IQ”.
  3. develop a superior content strategy.
  4. dominate rich results.
  5. increase blog readership and site traffic.
  6. Promote your product / course / event
  7. exert influence on the content in your Google Knowledge Panel.
  8. improve  your brand control.
  9. offer actionable options like appointment setting, reservations, product purchases, etc. 
  10. develop new hire interest
  11. improve your odds in voice search
  12. be present in every display surface, including  watches, automobiles, and billboards.
  13. optimize for Google / Bing Ad budgets & improve influence rank.
  14. structure your Knowledge Graph
  15. use that Knowledge Graph for Chatbot implementation
  16. learn more from semantic analytics

what others say.

Microsoft published a 2019 “Voice Report” that reflects on how Search is moving from a place of answers to a state of action and how the primary user interface is giving way to a new age of voice and digital assistants. They conclude the report with;

“Voice and conversational AI ignite this world view, ready to enhance our lives in ways once only dreamed possible. From home healthcare to banking to farming, AI is fueling change across every industry around the planet. Retailers in particular, should be paying close attention and be ready to take action. Disruptions don’t evolve; they erupt – and it’s likely that digital assistants are following closely in the footsteps of web and mobile. And in a world driven by voice, digital assistants and position zero, there won’t be many prizes for 2nd place.”

Our structured data technology partner, Schema App, produced this excellent video. Enjoy!

this is how we can help you.

structured data strategy, setup, and deployment

With structured data strategy, we determine the best way to reflect the meaning and value of your business, brand, and website content using structured data. 

We collaborate with you to understand your strategic objectives, develop a schema markup strategy plan reflective of your objectives. and get you up and running. 

Depending on the size of your site and the structure of its pages and posts, we may employ a suite of techniques to set up, test, and deploy the structured data schema.

structured data managed services

Nothing is forever, least of all content and technology on the internet.  Your website and its content evolve over time. is also busy evolving and expanding the classes, properties, and interrelationships of structured data elements. Our managed services offering keeps your website correctly marked up with the most current and appropriate structured data as you and grow and change. 

coordinated website refresh or replace

Google’s evolving interest in required and suggested structured data properties and relationships may inform a refresh or replacement of your website. We will collaborate with you to evaluate which parts of your website need changing or additional content. If we believe you would be better served by a complete website replacement, we will let you know, and we will assist you during the new website’s development.

we are here. contact us.

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