get informed and act.

see what's up on your website.

get informed and act.

see what's up on your website.

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There’s Safety in Numbers – an English Language Idiom

Well, the original meaning of that idiom involves anonymity within a crowd. We mean something quite different, the safety of knowing your website is getting the attention you demand, or not.

The right numbers collected from visits to your website will tell you an important story. Google Analytics and Google Optimize are amazing measurement tools to collect the right numbers.  Those numbers are the data about the otherwise secret life of your website. However, all data is not good data. Using Google’s tools and those of other analytics vendors requires correct setup, testing, interpretation, and synthesis into action. Not quite your thing? No worries, it is our thing. 

why you need it.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Peter Drucker

As we’ve said before, it’s a jungle out there and your website is fighting to be found. Once found it is fighting for visitor engagement and conversion. Conversion is an action a website visitor takes that you want them to take, like purchasing something, signing up for a newsletter, or leaving a great review.

When you learn about your website’s audience demographics, how your audience arrived, which parts of your website they visited, and what actions they took while there, you have a chance to improve visitor outcomes and your results.

In conjunction with our seo, structured data, and website services, Analytics reporting, interpretation, and experiments run with Google Optimize provide a numerical basis for moving your website and its visitors in a direction good for them, and good for you.

this is how we can help you.

analytics strategy and setup

With analytics strategy, we determine the best way to collect, filter, and refine the raw data collected from activity on your website and on selected additional internet properties like Google Search Console, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and others.

We partner with you to understand your business and website strategic objectives, develop a measurement and goal plan that properly captures your intention.

Finally, we set up the views, filters, goals, calculated measurements, targets, and presentation dashboards that capture the data your internet properties produce and deliver the information and insights you require.

analytics reporting and interpretation

Numbers, lots of numbers, but what does it all mean? Without well organized reports and interpretation from an experienced, google analytics-certified analyst, those numbers are simply noise. 

Depending on the dynamism of your website (frequency and volume of content additions, updates, and removals) weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting will be appropriate. We conduct an online meeting with you and your team to review results, issues, and achievements.

Then, based on your business needs and direction, together we may review your upcoming content calendar, email targeting plan, texting plan, pay-per-click plan, social media plan, and any other inbound or outbound marketing activities that would influence website activity. We will establish alert notifications to let us know how your new content and other marketing campaigns are working, in near-real time. If something is going great, or sideways, we will let you know ASAP.

Analytics practitioner Stuart Selip is Google Analytics Individual Qualification certified, as shown here: Google Analytics Individual Qualification _ Google, and is Google certified in Advanced Analytics and Analytics for Power Users.


optimize experiments

Google’s evolving interest in required and suggested structured data properties and relationships may inform a refresh or replacement of your website. We will collaborate with you to evaluate which parts of your website need changed or additional content. If we believe you would be better served by a complete website replacement, we will let you know, and we will assist you during the new website’s development.

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