who are we?

we’re a unique, technology-focused digital marketing agency.

who are we?

we’re a unique, technology-focused digital marketing agency.

about us.

what do we believe?

We believe our whole reason for being is to deliver digital marketing excellence for you, our clients. For us, it means technical SEO, strong analytical analyses, and applying integrated structured data to excellent content.

Yes, it takes honest hard work, lots of it, and attention to detail, to gain and sustain real search visibility and conversion. 

No, we can’t do it alone, or by sheer force of will. Our collaboration with talented specialist colleagues and best of breed digital marketing solution providers means you get the right talent and the right technology to dominate in your industry niche and locale.

Let’s not forget you, the client. We don’t see digital marketing as a ‘fire and forget’ affair. We need you to be a partner in your digital marketing success. From strategy development through regular performance reporting, you are in the mix. 

founder / chief technologist

Stuart Selip

Stuart Selip owns and operates Principal Consulting, LLC  as a digital marketing agency focused on technical, analytical, and structured data-driven SEO.  As the former head of an IT Strategy Consulting firm, Stu was heavily involved in building its digital marketing capabilities. Visit LinkedIn to see Stu’s publications and recommendations.

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Yup, Stu is a data-focused digital marketing technologist...

 As the Chief Executive Officer of Luxoft’s Consulting Strategies unit, he managed delivery of IT Strategy consulting to Fortune 500/Global 2000 firms in the Financial Services, Insurance, and Media industries.

At Burton Group, an IT Research and Advisory firm now owned by Gartner Research, he held a number of roles including Vice President of Consulting Services, and Vice President and Service Director of the Application Platform Strategies research service, where he also served as a senior IT industry research analyst.

Stuart’s analyst coverage included Data Governance and Business Rules, Data Quality, Data Integration, Software Development life-cycle (SDLC), Software Testing,  and Offshore/Outsourced Software Development. Stuart had earlier industry roles as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect of IT Consulting International (ITCI), a US-Russian software development-outsourcing firm later acquired by Luxoft, and President of Selip Management Services (SMS), a Systems Integrator that partnered with firms like Logica, Candle Corporation, and Wang Laboratories.