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Data Quality Janitor

Data Quality Janitor? Yes, that phrase came up in a recent interview session. Cal Braunstein of the Robert Frances Group, and I have been interviewing participants ...
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Under-performing Website

Do you have an under-performing website? Back in April 2013, I wrote a post about whether your website was ugly and you dressed it funny. ...
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Data Quality Strategy

A Data Quality Strategy would help IT drive a Data Quality Initiative Why? Our research confirms that participating organizations have data quality that is poor, ...
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Complicating Factors

These four complicating factors will challenge even the best decision-makers What are these complicating factors, and what should you do about them? Way back in ...
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Disrupt 2014

What did I learn (or what did you miss) at Disrupt 2014? On Monday I attended The Robert Frances Group’s (RFG) Disrupt 2014 conference in ...
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Data Quality Baseline

Have you Prepared your Data Quality Baseline? Has your organization planned a data quality initiative for 2014? If so, have you prepared your 2013 data ...
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