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Life Lessons from Huey

Life Lessons from Huey? Who is Huey? More correctly, who was Huey? He was our wonderful cat for nearly 13 years. Huey became much wiser ...
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The Disproportion of Theory to Knowledge

A Disproportion of Theory to Knowledge Means Speculation and Guessing Thinking of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, it certainly is true. Much speculation but ...
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Trust your Numbers

Trust your numbers, but never trust your gut. Always trust your numbers. Never trust your gut. Those are the words of Daniel Kahneman, the economics Nobel ...
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Pick the Right Customer

Pick the right customer with your data? In the March 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Robert Simons,  the Charles M. Williams Professor of ...
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Data Quality Improvement & Change Management

Change Management Sustains Data Quality Improvement Initiatives Making data quality improvement a “top of mind” action issue throughout an organization doesn’t happen by accident. It ...
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Robbed on the Last Mile of Sales

Have you been robbed on the last mile of sales? It is a fair question, whether you are the seller or the customer. OK, so ...
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