Content is King

content is king

Content is King! However, today there are more content distribution channels available than good content to distribute. You’re here because you know that.

Relax, you’ve come to the right place for great content.

Thinking about content marketing? Perhaps a series of blog posts, a white paper, a compelling case study, a webinar, or narrated PowerPoint presentation informed by custom research, or how about a whole new website? Regardless of how you slice it and dice it, all of those content types demand good writing. Good writing  tells your story, addresses your audience’s key questions and concerns, and provides a call to action that motivates readers. Why not take a few minutes to learn more about our approach to writing for WordPress Website DevelopmentSocial MediaWhite PapersCase Studies and Custom IT Research?

WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website DevelopmentRelax, building your WordPress website is simple and straightforward for us. We know what to do, and how to do it. WordPress website technology allows us to focus our efforts for you on selecting winning themes, and writing and publishing great content for you.

“Do it yourself” alternatives and technological adventures may be great for hobbyists, but are not the way to go when you want to feature your pages, photos, downloadable content,  and blogging and not a mixed bag of technical tricks. Read More…


Social Media

Social MediaWhat’s your social media strategy? Boiled down to its most basic, social media means “Moving marketing from a monologue to a dialogue.” We want to help you develop the content for that dialog. Harvard Business Review (HBR) authors H. James Wilson, PJ Guinan, Salvatore Parise, and Bruce D. Weinberg surveyed over 1100 companies to learn about their social media strategy. Then, they followed up with in-depth interviews of 70 executives leading social media efforts. Read More…



White Papers

very hot white paperIs your audience in the Business to Business marketplace? Is it composed of C-level and director-level business or IT technical decision makers and/or influencers? Great, because that’s our sweet spot.

We offer the business reader the metrics and value insights that they need to make decisions or recommendations. We offer the technical reader the IT architecture, software development, project management and similar best practices insights that power their decision processes. Read More…



Case Studies

your case study

You, your team, your tool suite, and your business partners did a great job for your client. Your market needs to know. Tell the world about your success with a case study.

A case study is a great way to capture the energy, excitement, and learning that you, your colleagues, and your client experienced when you solved a compelling problem. Excitement is infectious, and prospects love hearing about a winner! Read More…



Custom IT Research

custom IT research

Ask the complex IT questions that matter most to you, and get your answers. Sure, the big research and advisory firms have scores of analysts busily writing research to which you can subscribe. Thousands of others do. That’s how that business works.

The big guys try to answer the industry’s questions, while we focus on answering yours. How does our custom IT research work? Our custom IT research starts when we collaborate with you to frame a research proposal. Depending on the results you wish to achieve, we will offer you a range of options. Read More…


The Bottom Line

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You are running a dynamic business and your prospects and clients need to know.  From learning about what you do to how you have brought success to others, you have a good story to tell, and we are ready to help you tell it.

You may decide to reach your audience with a series of blog posts, a white paper, case study, or a combination of content offerings that will reach a variety of prospects and clients across a range of buying stages. Ready to tap into success and profit? Contact us today, and let’s get started.